Agroforestry: Is it for You?

Chloe Timberlake

Chloe Timberlake

Jan, 13 2022

It might still be on a small scale, but there is plenty of interest in agroforestry and a desire among farmers and landowners to find out more.

While it can be difficult to quantify the benefits, planting trees to boost biodiversity appeals to most, many are seeing the ability to generate income in the future being a bonus.

Not surprisingly, lack of expertise is one of the barriers, as is nervousness about being able to market the produce and secure funding to help with set-up costs. However, the fact that clients are asking about suitable sites and soil types, planting patterns and understorey considerations shows the level of interest.

Most farms have a field where it could work, if you’re worried about taking land out of production, look at fields on the edge of a village, as well as the potential to add trees to glamping and livery enterprises, or other projects such as dog walking fields and pumpkin patches.

Interested in knowing more about Agroforestry, contact us via the website.

This is an exert from the Farmers Weekly, to read the article in full click here.

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